Sep 10 2009

Collective Walkout in Defense of Public Education

Category: Events,News,University FinanceBob Hanke @ 10:00 am

(Excerpted in solidarity with the faculty, staff and students of the University of California system who are self-organizing to collectively walk out).

Under the cover of the summer months, UC administration has pushed through a program of tuition hikes, enrollment cuts, layoffs, furloughs, and increased class sizes that harms students and jeopardizes the livelihoods of the most vulnerable university employees. These decisions fundamentally compromise the mission of the University of California. They are complicit with the privatization of public education, and they have been made in a manner that flouts the principle of shared governance at the core of the UC faculty’s capacity to guide the future of the University in accordance with its mission.

On September 24, in solidarity with UC staff and students, faculty throughout the University of California system will walk out in defense of public education.

To read the open letter to UC faculty and the call for a systemwide walk out, click here.


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