Sep 07 2015

The Future of the University

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Perspectives for the New University

The new issue of Krisis, Journal for Contemporary Philosophy deals with the future of the university. The desire for a special issue on this topic was provoked by the Maagdenhuis protest at the University of Amsterdam in the early spring of 2015. The energy of surprise and enthusiasm released by the protests, the fact that direct and confrontational action “worked”, that it was even taken seriously and responded to, seemed to open up new horizons. We strove to capture some of the imaginative energy that was released by these events.

The issue is organized along three points of focus: struggles, diagnoses and futures. Under the heading of struggles, the reader will find contributions that not only describe specific fights taking place but also be able to sense the passion and engagement. Diagnoses deal with the problem at hand. What is actually the problem and how can we grasp it in such a way that we do not argue ourselves into passivity? Finally, there are contributions which explicitly propose future images of the university, both in terms of structure and organization as well as alternative concepts and callings.

To download this special issue, go to:

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Dec 08 2012

The University to Come

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TOPIA: Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies

Out of the Ruins, the University to Come

Number Twenty-eight — Fall 2012

Guest edited by Bob Hanke (York University) and Alison Hearn (University of Western Ontario)

Memorial: Roger I. Simon
Jody Berland, Blake Fitzpatrick, Henry Giroux, Deborah Britzman

Introduction: Out of the Ruins, the University to Come
Bob Hanke and Alison Hearn


Struggling Universities: Simon Fraser University and the Crisis of Canadian Public Education
Edna Brophy and Myka Tucker-Abramson

Academic Feminism’s Entanglements with University Corporatization
Janice Newson

University Branding Via Securitization
Julie Gregory

Beyond Academic Freedom: Canadian Neoliberal Universities in the Global Context
Sandra Jeppesen and Holly Nazar

Reconfiguring the Academic Dance: A Critique of Faculty’s Responses to Administrative Practices in Canadian Universities
Claire Polster

Knowledge Mediators and Lubricating Channels: On the Temporal Politics of Remissioning the University
Filip Vostal and Susan Robertson


Circulation and the New University
Brian Whitener and Dan Nemser

The Scholarly Affair is Self-Love
Paul Magee

The University, the Media and the Politics of Voice
Sean Phelan

The University System: Alienation or Emancipation?
Éric George

Social Science Research and the Creation of Publics
Nick Mahony

David F. Noble 1945–2010: An Appreciation
Wade Rowland


Gallery of Voices and Images from the Maple Spring
Nicolas Quiazua, Rushdia Mehreen, Rosalind Hampton, Lilian Radovac, Laurence Guénette, Matthew Brett, Natassia Williams, Kevin Paul, CLASSE, Chicoutimi, Linda McQuaig, Frédéric Faddoul, Yvan Perrier and Guy Rocher

Review Essays

The Neo-University
Ross Eaman

University Professors: Recurring Issues Revisited
Kenneth-Roy Bonin

Beyond the Knowledge Factory?
Ian Angus

From the Arab Spring to the Maple Spring: National Student Protests Graduate to Transnational Social Movements
Lena Palacios

The Academy and the Politics of Exchange: A Network for The Public Good
David N. Wright


Hard Times: The Impacts of Neoliberal Hegemony on Academic Culture
Patricia Hughes-Fuller

Topos of Faith: Derrida’s Counter-institutions
Joshua Synenko

The Need for Care and Attention in the Face of Psychopower
Margrit Talpalaru

Stalking through the Academy
Robert Pike

The University and a New Definition of Enlightenment
Maria Victoria Guglietti

The Perils of “Research Capitalism”
Michael Cottrell

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Nov 22 2010

The University Debate

Category: JournalsBob Hanke @ 11:18 am
Culture Machine invites its readers to join the debate called for by Nick Couldry and Angela McRobbie in their short article ‘The Death of the University, English Style’ – now available in the Culture Machine InterZone:
We are seeking contributions in the form of short think pieces, or micro-essays, of
500-1000 words on any aspect of:
– the future of higher education in England and the UK;
– the position of the arts, humanities and social sciences within the university;
– the role and nature of the university in a democratic society.
Please email all contributions to Gary Hall at <>, remembering to include your full name and academic affiliation (if any). If, for institutional or other reasons, you would prefer to have your piece published anonymously, we would be happy to accommodate this.
All contributions will be reviewed by the Editorial Board on a rolling basis, with those accepted for publication being made immediately available on the Culture Machine site.
Eight new contributions have just been added to the Culture Machine InterZone section:
* ‘Cut the Shock Doctrine: Radicalize Common Sense’ by Paul Bowman, Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies, Cardiff University
* ‘Amidst the Culture of Efficiency’ by Sunil Manghani, Critical and Cultural Theory , York St John University
* ‘On the “Death” of the University’ by Jason Rovito, Communication and Culture, York and Ryerson Universities
* ‘Education, Education, Education’ by Ewa Sidorenko, Education, University of Greenwich
* ‘Diversity and Choice’ by Leon Wainwright, History of Art, Manchester Metropolitan University
* ‘Public Values, Higher Education and the Scourge of Neoliberalism: Politics at the Limits of the Social’ by Henry A. Giroux, English and Cultural Studies, McMaster University
* ‘Our Miners’ Moment: The Battle to Save Higher Education for Working-Class Students Amidst the Culture of Efficiency’ by Alex Lockwood, Journalism, University of Sunderland
* ‘Of Science and Souls’ by Keyan Tomaselli, Communication, Media and Society, University of KwaZulu-Natal
To read the pieces, visit the Culture Machine InterZone:

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Mar 03 2010

Edu-Factory Web Journal: Zero Issue

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Journal Launch

The innaugural issue of the Edu-Factory Web Journal has been published. You can find the zero issue on the “double crisis” at  this address.

After more than three years of vigorous discussion, a collective book published in various languages and countless mobilizations all around the world, the edu-factory collective has decided to adopt a new instrument: a freely downloadable journal. Like all our projects, this journal isn’t simply another publication of experts but an active transnational laboratory founded on open, collective cooperation in both its contents as well as its editing and production process. It is an experiment born from the common production of shared knowledges, and resistance to exploitation inside and outside the universities. Moreover it is a step toward the goal of building up autonomous institutions. The journal has two sections: “occupations” and “anomalies”, which aim respectively to analyze transformations of the university and conflicts in knowledge production. The edu-factory journal has an editorial board,comprising critical scholars,students, and activists from all around the world, and it is open to free contributions.

Finally, by experimenting with forms of collective reading, and review, it aims to question the traditional peer review processes, and to open new spaces of thinking, learning and struggle within and against the hierarchies of the global knowledge and university market.

Edu-factory collective
The Double Crisis: Living on the Borders

Christopher Newfield, The Structure and Silence of Cognitariat
George Caffentzis, The World Bank and the Double Crisis of African Universities
Jon Solomon, Reappropriating the Neoliberal University for a New Putonghua (Common Language)
Stefano Harney, In the Business School
Ned Rossiter, The Informational University, the Uneven Distribution of Expertise and the Racialization of Labour

Marc Bousquet, After Cultural Capitalism
Revista Multitud, The Double Crisis of the Chilean University
Pedro Barbosa Mendes, The Double Crisis of the University
Claudia Bernardi and Andrea Ghelfi, We Won’t Pay for Your Crisis, We Will Create Institutions of the Common!
Lina Dokuzoviæ and Eduard Freudmann, Squatting the Crisis. On the current protests in education and perspectives on radical change

Uninomade, Nothing Will Never Be the Same. Ten Thesis on the Financial Crisis