Feb 25 2011

Unit 2 Election Week

Category: Elections (2011),NewsBob Hanke @ 10:43 pm

From the Unit 2 Working Group:

What an astonishing time for Unit 2.

This moment’s calm before the election storm is almost too much for some in the Unit 2 Working Group to bear.

Everything the U2WG has been struggling for will be conclusively decided in
the coming week.  One way or another.  There’s nothing more we can do.

Nor will this singular opportunity for our Unit 2 membership likely come again.

The Contract Faculty vote on U2WG recommendations to restructure Local 3903 for more Unit 2 autonomy is tentatively scheduled to be counted on March 3rd. It will either tally favourably ­– or it will not.

Then, over this coming week, the Unit 2 membership will either turn out to vote in 3903 Executive Committee candidates who will fight for Unit 2 autonomy and recognition ­– or it will not.

In both cases, we will either elect to take a stand against silenced oppression and exploitation – or we shall not stand at all.

It’s entirely up to the Unit 2 membership, now.  Precisely, democratically, as it should be.

Having already voted on the Unit 2 Proposal, let’s finish what we started.

And let’s say it once more, if only for good measure: vote in the Unit 2 candidates who stand for and who have been actively and tirelessly working for greater Unit 2 autonomy and representation in Local 3903.

These candidates are: Mary Anne Coffey (for Grievance Officer), Sharon Davidson (for U2 VP), and Peter Fruchter (for U2 Chief Steward). This is the Unit 2 Working Group slate.

Don’t neglect to vote for these 3903 Executive Committee candidates.  And when you do vote, please keep the following in mind.

While members of the U2WG are guardedly optimistic the Unit 2 Proposal vote will tally favourably, the implementation of the Unit 2 Proposal will hinge essentially on the make-up of the 3903 executive.  And the above 3 candidates are the ones that the U2WG has entrusted to represent the democratic will of our Unit 2 membership on the 3903 executive.

Sharon Davidson has been determinedly and assiduously working during administration to protect and advance Unit 2 members’ interests through representation on the Labour Management Committee and the Better Workplace Initiative. Since Gary Leroux has withdrawn his candidacy, Sharon has been acclaimed as Unit 2 Vice-President.

Peter Fruchter has been active in the U2WG from its founding and has diligently ensured (and insisted!), through the creation of U2News, that Contract Faculty remain informed on critical issues pertaining to Unit 2.  And let us not forget, Mary Anne Coffey’s vast, vast experience, her loyalty to our Local, and how staunchly and tirelessly she has always represented us, even in difficult times.

We wish both candidates the best of luck and express our strongest hopes that the 3903 membership will support them by coming out and voting each candidate into executive office.

Voting in the elections for the Executive Committee will take place in the coming week at both Keele and Glendon campuses, from 11 am to 3 pm, February 28 to March 4. Voting at Glendon Campus will take place outside the Glendon cafeteria, while voting at Keele Campus will take place in the CUPE 3903 boardroom in the CUPE office, 104 East Office Building.



Mar 18 2009

CUPE 3903 Executive Elections 2009-2010

Category: Elections (2011)Bob Hanke @ 8:40 pm

Dear sisters, brothers, trans-identifying, and all members of CUPE 3903,

I am pleased to announce that the Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 3903’s 2009-2010 Executive Committee comprises:
– Carmen Sanchez, TFAC Co-Chair
– Anne Stebbins, TFAC Co-Chair
– Christina Rousseau, Chief Steward Unit 1
– Lykke de la Cour, Chief Steward Unit 2
– Chelsea Flook, Chief Steward Unit 3
– Tanya McFadyen, VP Unit 1
– Sharon Davidson, VP Unit 2
– Xavier Scott, VP Unit 3
– Cat Ashton, Communications Officer
– Mary Anne Coffey, Grievance Officer
– Graham Potts, Recording Secretary
– Baris Karaagac, Treasurer
– Ian Hussey, Chair

The newly elected executive will be having a preliminary meeting this Friday (5-7PM, East Office Building). This is short notice to call this meeting, I realize, but the meeting is intended more as a social space than a space to get right down to ‘business’. If we have quorum, I will take direction of executive members present as to the necessity of handling any pressing concerns of the Local. On behalf of the new executive, I encourage every member who can to participate in our meetings throughout the coming year.

At the next General Membership Meeting we will be trying to fill the Local’s various committees. A list of descriptions of the Local’s committees and caucuses is available here: http://cupe3903.tao.ca/?q=node/18 . I hope you will consider joining a committee and/or caucus, and participating in the very important work of our Local’s various democratic spaces.

Ian Hussey,  Chair

Mar 13 2009

Extended Voting Hours for CUPE 3903 Election

Category: Elections (2011)Bob Hanke @ 11:44 am

At the request of many members, the election reps have extended voting times for the CUPE 3903 Executive Committee 2009-10 elections. This year we have considerable interest from U2 members to be elected executive. If you have not voted yet, please support their dedication to Unit 2 union representation by voting in the extended time period.

Sharon Davidson has been acclaimed VP, Unit 2.

Extended Voting Hours

Monday March 16th Vari Hall 9-5
Tuesday March 17th Vari Hall 9-5

Please bring picture ID to vote. If you wish to volunteer for the elections tabling contact strong>Christina Rousseau (christina.rousseau@gmail.com) Members will get an honorarium of $12/hour or $50 for 4 hours. We can vote for positions in all units.


Mar 07 2009

Support the Accused! Court Hearings – Tuesday, March 10th

Category: Elections (2011),Eventsjonnyj @ 12:24 pm

From Gabrielle Gerin:

Next Tuesday, March 10th, at 3 pm, the 4 people who were arrested and charged by the Toronto police during the CUPE 3903 demonstration against BTW legislation will be attending court for their first or second hearing. This is a rather formal procedure, and will not last very long.

However, we invite you to come attend the hearings in large numbers, in order to show the Crown lawyer and judge that these cases are political ones, and that the accused have community support. This should help getting the state to drop the charges.

We will be meeting in front of Old City Hall (Queen & Bay) at 2:30.

Make sure you show up in advance or in time as there can be a long queue before you pass security. And don’t bring anything that could be refused by security, of course.

From there we will attend the hearings, and leave all together when they are done to show the Court that we were all there in support of the accused (these courts see hundreds of cases one after the other in a single day).

After the hearings,we will gather outside Old City Hall to hear from the accused and potentially from other groups fighting police brutality and activism repression, notably in Toronto’s poor and racialized communities.


Feb 20 2009

2009-2010 Elections

Category: Elections (2011)Bob Hanke @ 11:33 am

At the closing of the nomination period for the 2009-2010 executive term (excluding TFAC elections, which are held separately), the following position has been acclaimed: Congatulations to Ian Hussey, our new Chair of CUPE 3903.

Elections will be held for all other positions following a 16 day campaign period. Statements by the candidates will be made at the March 11 GMM and voting will start at the close of the GMM.

Candidates for the 2009/2010 Executive Elections, to be held at the AGM on March 11th (details TBA), are as follows:

Communications Officer
– Cat Ashton
– Jordy Cummings
– Martin Merener

Grievance Officer
– Mary Anne Coffey
– Reza Rahbari
– Cheryl Cowdy Crawford

Recording Secretary
– Greg Flemming
– Graham Potts
– Chris Vance

– Charles Battershill
– Amrit Heer
– Baris Karaagac

Chief Steward 1
– Sebastien Rioux
– Christina Rousseau

Chief Steward 2
– Lykke de la Cour
– Roxanne Power

Chief Steward 3
– Chelsea Flook
– Saad Sayeed

Vice President Unit 1
– Alban Bargain
– Tanya McFadyen

Vice President Unit 2
– Sharon Davidson
– Manuel Luna

Vice President Unit 3
– Sarah Sackville-McLachlan
– Xavier Scott


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