Sep 08 2010

The Remains of the University

Category: EventsBob Hanke @ 6:42 pm

The Remains of the University: Thoughts on the Future of Critical Theory and the Humanities

Culture Speak Speakers Series 2010/11 – Inaugural Panel

Jackman Humanities Building
170 St. George St. Room 100A
Thursday, December 9, 2010 4:00pm to 6:30pm

Convened by Ricky Varghese & Christopher Smith

Culture Speak is a series of moments, brought about by a set of provocations. Informed by the generative insights that have emanated from or about the space of critical theory and the field of cultural studies, these sessions seek to provide an opportunity for scholars at various levels in their professional life to engage in focused conversations about pressing themes within the realms of media, culture and politics.

To set the tone for what will be a stellar set of sessions in the coming year, we shall begin with a panel discussing the precarious state of the Humanities at University of Toronto and abroad. This panel, following an informal and conversational style, as convened by Christopher Smith and Ricky Varghese will address a wide-spanning set of concerns that those of us engaged within critical theory have to face in regards to the future of critical thought on the contemporary university campus. One of the aims, among many others, might be to gain insight into how we might situate rigorous theoretical work within the present university space, while maintaining an ongoing commitment to building upon the continued need for socio-political, economic, and historical critique within the various intellectual communities that we find ourselves to be in.

Moderated by Roger Simon Professor Emeritus, Sociology & Equity Studies in Education, OISE/University of Toronto

Rinaldo Walcott, Associate Professor, Sociology & Equity Studies in Education, OISE/University of Toronto

Megan Boler Associate Professor, History & Philosophy of Education, OISE/University of Toronto

Ken Kawashima Associate Professor, East Asian Studies, University of Toronto

Tanya Titchkosky Associate Professor, Sociology & Equity Studies in Education, OISE/University of Toronto

Eric Cazdyn, Associate Professor, Centre for Comparative Literature and East Asian Studies, University of Toronto

Paul Hamel, Professor, Faculty of Medicine and Director of Health Studies, University of Toronto

This event is wheel-chair accessible.