Aug 09 2014

Another University Is Possible

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Another University Is Possible: Praxis, Activism, and the Promise of Critical Pedagogy

Riverside Convention Center, Riverside, Greater Los Angeles Area, California
21-24 May, 2015

The Cultural Studies Association (CSA) invites proposals from its current and future members for participation in its thirteenth annual meeting in the Riverside Convention Center, Riverside, Greater Los Angeles Area, California.

Proposals from all areas and on all topics of relevance to cultural studies are welcome, and are not limited to proposals that critically and creatively engage this year’s highlighted problematic.

This year’s theme, “Another University is Possible: Praxis, Activism, and the Promise of Critical Pedagogy,” plays on the World Social Forum’s motto, “Another World is Possible.” It expresses a commitment to the intellectual and political project of a radically different university. Moving beyond policy and pundit-driven discussions of the state and the future of higher education, we seek proposals that highlight socially-engaged scholarship and activism, and projects that explore the transformative possibilities embedded in the present. What forms and formations of research, pedagogy, praxis, and activism have emerged from the struggles being waged in, around, through, and in spite of institutions of higher education? What roles can culture, theory, imagination, and technology play in these struggles? Taking up cultural studies’ historical commitment to the interrogation of the relations among knowledge, power, and social transformation, the 2015 Cultural Studies Association conference seeks to provide an insurgent intellectual space for imagining, enacting, and mapping new forms of knowledge production and scholarly communication and community.

We are particularly interested in work that links the global neo-liberal conjuncture of higher education to local acts of collective resistance and action, and back again. We want to know more about how students, staff, faculty, administrators, and community partners are responding to the current social, legal, economic, financial, political, cultural, institutional, and intellectual challenges and possibilities: student debt as a means of financing higher education institutions; court cases that attack the history and practice of affirmative action; the rise in union activity on campuses; the re-entrenchment of the “humanities” as a division under “crisis”; the emergent emphasis on MOOCs and other online forms of education that extend the already dominant casualization of academic labor; the emergence of public and digital pedagogy and scholarship; the ambivalent politics of academic freedom; the reduction of education to vocational training and degrees to commodified credentials; the role of universities in reproducing or amplifying (rather than reducing) the social inequalities of contemporary capitalism; and the university as a site of capital accumulation and dispossession, among many other trends and tendencies.

To read the complete call for papers, click here.

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Mar 12 2009

What is the Place of Activism in the Academy?

Category: EventsBob Hanke @ 2:11 pm

The Graduate Women’s  Studies Student Association Presents:

What is the Place of Activism in the Academy?

A Roundtable Discussion in Honour of International Women’s Day

Friday, March 13. 2:30-4:00pm. Founders Senior Common Room (Rm 305). Food will be provided.

Confirmed speakers:

Anna Agathangelou, professor of Women’s Studies and Political Science
Lykke de la Cour, professor of Women’s Studies and Social Science
Kenji Tokawa, BA student, University of Toronto
Shaunga Tagore, MA student in Women’s Studies
Laura Kwak, MA student in Women’s Studies
Natalie Kouri-Towe, PhD student at OISE

Healy Thompson will act as the roundtable moderator.

Download the IWDposter.


Mar 07 2009

Support the Accused! Court Hearings – Tuesday, March 10th

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From Gabrielle Gerin:

Next Tuesday, March 10th, at 3 pm, the 4 people who were arrested and charged by the Toronto police during the CUPE 3903 demonstration against BTW legislation will be attending court for their first or second hearing. This is a rather formal procedure, and will not last very long.

However, we invite you to come attend the hearings in large numbers, in order to show the Crown lawyer and judge that these cases are political ones, and that the accused have community support. This should help getting the state to drop the charges.

We will be meeting in front of Old City Hall (Queen & Bay) at 2:30.

Make sure you show up in advance or in time as there can be a long queue before you pass security. And don’t bring anything that could be refused by security, of course.

From there we will attend the hearings, and leave all together when they are done to show the Court that we were all there in support of the accused (these courts see hundreds of cases one after the other in a single day).

After the hearings,we will gather outside Old City Hall to hear from the accused and potentially from other groups fighting police brutality and activism repression, notably in Toronto’s poor and racialized communities.