Apr 06 2009

New OCUFA Survey in Sync with Strike Issues

Category: Post-strike Discussion (2009),ResearchBob Hanke @ 8:48 pm

OCUFA has sounded the warning over declining quality again, but are the full-time university president and the part-time Board of Governors listening?

In Profs blast lazy first-year students, Toronto Star education reporter writes:

The question on student preparedness was part of a larger survey of professors completed in February and March that asked about all aspects of campus life. More than 60 per cent of professors said they were teaching larger classes than three years ago, and that not only has hiring slowed down, but so has the creation of full-time tenured positions – which was an issue in the recent strike by teaching assistants and contract faculty at York University.

To read the whole April 6, 2009 front-page story, click here.

To download the key findings of this online province-wide survey, click on the OCUFA 2009 Questionnaire.

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